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MC Linehaul Operators | Running Express Brisbane to Adelaide

 Excellent Kilometer Rates + Allowances
 Looking for more than just a driver, but a good operator!

We are currently seeking experienced MC drivers for Changeover & Line-haul runs.

 Changeover runs to Brisbane to Cobar, Adelaide to Cobar,
 Direct Runs to Brisbane and Adelaide and back
 Consistent work on offer with set Kenworth Prime Mover where possible.
 On call positions also available for drivers with limited availability.

To be considered you must possess the following:

 Current MC licence with minimum 2 years experience.
 Current 5 year driving history
 Good communication skills and attention to detail.
 BFM advantageous but not essential.
 Refrigerated Experience Essential
 Ability to complete paperwork where required and submit to office regularly

Successful candidates will be paid Casual Kilometer rates + allowances as per Road Transport (Long
Distance) Award.

Candidates MUST be willing to provide medical, BFM certificate, work history and traffic history with

To apply or get more information please submit your application via email only – bneopsmgr@urt.net.au.

For queries regarding the position call 0487 777 785.

Applications will only be accepted by email, however phone call questions are allowed.


The Transport Industry

The Transport Industry is all about moving things, storing things and supplying things.

And when we say ‘things’, we mean anything and everything, from people and animals to goods and services.

Without the Transport Industry, we wouldn’t be able to get to work in the morning, or fly away on holiday.

Every person and every industry in Australia is influenced by, and depends upon the Transport Industry.

Consequently, there are so many diverse careers available in this exciting, fast-paced and ever-changing sector.

People who work in the Transport Industry are constantly kept on their toes.

The industry needs to be flexible in order to accommodate the influence of public opinion, governmental decisions and environmental factors.

Loads of different skills are needed for the many different kinds of transport and logistics careers

But the one thing you really need is an interest in being part of an industry that makes the world go round (or makes things go round the world?!).

Strictly speaking, transport refers to the movement of people, and logistics refers to the movement of freight (i.e. goods, natural resources, mail etc.).

However, this sector is not just about moving things around the world by land, sea or air.

It’s also all about managing the supply, demand, distribution and procurement operations too.

Transport & Logistics services would not operate effectively without the processes, regulations and strategies that control and influence each activity.

Big decisions need to be made and important conversations need to take place before things are transported around this beautiful Country.

Before goods can be transported en masse, they normally need to be stored somewhere.

People who work in these fields are essential cogs in the logistics wheel.

These guys make sure that the right goods are available and organised before companies export and ship large orders.

After all, no company wants to get an order for six thousand fireworks at the beginning of November and then realise they’ve run out of bangers and roman candles.

Understandably, after all the planning, management and behind-the-scenes departments have done their bit, it’s down to the people like truck drivers, couriers, train drivers, passenger service teams and postmen and women to actively move people, goods and services.

This lot are the true core of the industry.

They not only help the movement of things, but provide an efficient and friendly service to make sure everyone’s having a good time or everything is getting where it needs to be.

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